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COVID-19 And Services At St. John’s Evangelical Church

In recognition of the serious situation we find ourselves in as a result of COVID-19, we believe that we are called to walk in love towards one another, and to honor our government’s efforts to control the rate of the virus spread.

For these reasons, we will not be meeting together in the church building until at least April 22nd.

However, we can still meet to encourage one another, pray, and hear God’s Word!

We will be holding Church Service “virtually”. We will continue to meet at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings and 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings via a Conference call.

How it works:

Before service time, call


When asked for the Conference Number, enter



You will be joined directly to the call.

For households, if you have the ability to place your phone on “Speaker”, please do so at this time.

The Outline for the week’s message can be found and downloaded under “Listen To The Word”
It will be posted online ahead of time so you can use it to follow along during our study.



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